The Stratocaster Variations

Since Stratocaster is guitar produced for over a five decades notable amount of modification, variations and models were produced. It's not exaggerated to say that Strat is one of the most copied electric guitar designs in history. Huge amount of different manufacturers and models were produced on the Stratocaster basis.

The early Stratocasters produced from 1954 to 1965 are generaly considered as the true fender vintage guitars, and those are in the same time the most desired ones. From 1965 to 1985 Strats, the CBS time guitars are less desired ones mainly due to varying in quality and country where instruments were produced. Since 1985 quality generaly increased after the company was sold to private investors, as well as consistency and improved palette of models being offered.

Over the years, the Stratocaster kept changing neck types, V-shape, C-shape, headstocks, fretboards: ebony, maple, rosewood, scalloped necks, , body materials: ash, bassword, alder, hardware vintage, two-point tremolo, Floyd-Rose style bridges, pickups: traditional, single coil, noiseless, humbuckers, and electronics: 3-way/5-way pickups switches, TBX control, pickup coil-tap switches, active circuitry, etc.. Today, Stratocaster is solid instrument evolved during the years nad matured over time, with modern C-shape neck, medium-jumbo frets, two-point tremolo bridge, precision machine tuners. The deluxe models add improved pickups, eletronics, colors, pickguard, knobs, locking tuners etc. Vintage models are replicating look and feel of original 1954-1965 models that made this guitar what it is today. With custom shop you can equip your Stratocaster almost any way you want.