How to spot fakes

It's easy to get tricked if you are purchasing a vintage Fender Stratocaster guitar. Because the fact that Stratocaster (and other Fenders) are bolted together instead of glued, it's easy to replace any of the parts. Some eastimations are that at least 15-20 percent of the 60's Strats are actually not from 60's (at least not all of it).

With Stratocasters produced prior to 1977 (CBS era) lower serial number doesn't necessarily mean guitar is older. Appears that at those times, plates attached to guitars were were randomly picked up from the barrel by assemblers. Be sure always to remove the neck and check for that for the date thats stamped or wrote by pencil.

One of the problems is also availability of vintage replica headstock decals. Many fakes do not have the tiny patent numbers on the decal and real 60's Strats have at least two of them.