Famous Stratocaster Players

During the long lifetime of Fender Stratocaster vast number of notable stratocaster players were using this axe as a weapon of choice. This guitar have been showing in many movies, books, on TV and more. Its unique shape as the one the child would draw when thinking about electric guitar.

Among many other players, there is a list of, some would say, the best Rock N Roll guitar players in history which played this guitar for most of their careers:
Randy Bachman
Stratocasters used are a '63 standard and a '71 four-bolt hardtail.

, Jeff Beck
Up to 1975 Beck had been, primarily, a Les Paul player. Beck stated "With the Strat I finally sound like me".

, Ritchie Blackmore

, Tommy Bolin
His primary guitar was a stock 1963 Stratocaster.

, Bill Carson

, Eric Clapton
There is Eric Claption Stratocaster signature

, Ry Cooder
Using 60's stratocaster

, Robert Cray
Using 60's stratocaster

, Dick Dale
one of the first owners of a Stratocaster

, The Edge
Leading guitarist of U2

, John Frusciante
Guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Owner of strat 1962.

, Rory Gallagher

, David Gilmour

, Buddy Guy

, George Harrison
1965 Strat

, Jimi Hendrix
one of the most famous stratocaster players

, Buddy Holly

, Eric Johnson

, Mark Knopfler
Fender produces his Signature Stratocaster

, John Lennon
Stratocaster 1961

, Yngwie J. Malmsteen
Scalloped fretboard Strat player

, Hank Marvin

, John Mayer

, Mike Oldfield

, Pete Townshend
Using Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster since 1989.

, Stevie Ray Vaughan