The Legendary Stratocaster

The Fender Stratocaster, often called "Strat", an object of outstanding beauty, is a well known and legendary electric guitar model which is designed by Leo Fender together with his colleagues Freddie Tavares, and George Fullerton in 1954, and over five decades manufactured to the present days.

The Stratocaster in his career has been used (and still is) by many famous guitarists and is one of the most common and recognizable guitars in the world which created history of electric guitar.

Clarence Leonidas Fender (1909 – 1991), also known as Leo Fender, American inventor and founder of Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company, was designing guitar, bass, and amplifiers since 1940s and his designs continue to dominate popular music more than half a century later. Many of the well known amplifier production companies such as Marshall and Mesa Boogie have used Fender instruments as the foundation for their products. From an early age, Leo showed interest in playing with electronics, but it will take a long time until he started his first guitar making. Leo Fender convinced Clayton Orr "Doc" Kauffman, an inventor and lap steel player, who had worked for Rickenbacker Guitars, to team up and start "K & F Manufacturing Corporation". K & F will design and produce amplified Hawaiian guitars and amplifiers. In 1944, Leo and Doc patented a lap steel guitar, with an electric pickup which was already patented by Fender. During the 1945, "K & F Manufacturing Corporation" started selling the guitar with an amplifier designed by Fender, and that's how it all began leading to Stratocaster.

Amplifications of a guitar were already tried by various musicians on the hollow bodied guitars, but truly eletrical sound with eliminated feedback problem was achieved by Leo Fender and his Broadcaster, Telecaster and Stratocaster. In 1950 Fender launched the Broadcaster, simple yet effective design with revolutionary sound, which was soon renamed Telecaster (also called Tele). This was the world's first electric guitar solid-body wooden guitar with the bolt-on neck. Regular costumer feedback, such as separate adjustable bridge saddles, four to five pickups, advanced vibrato unit, a contoured body for enhanced comfort , influenced a new design, upscale solid body guitar, Stratocaster.

The Stratocaster's contoured body shape, ergonomic and recognizable, together with distinctive curve on the upper back and a curve at the bottom is one of the differences comparing to existing guitars. The maple neck in one piece have uniquely-shaped wide headstock in contrast to the Fender Telecaster's narrow headstock shape. Through-body pivot bridge holds anchored strings and is attached with springs to the bridge cavity on the back of the guitar with a 'claw'. Original Stratocaster guitars were shipped with the bridge connected to the body by five springs. You could easily remove the backplate covering the bridge, and remove some of the springs to allow the bridge to freely move while pulling the strings to the one side and the springs are countering the pull in the opposite side. Once setup, tremolo arm mounted on the bridge could be moved by player up or down to decrease or increase the pitch of the payed notes. Eric Clapton and many other players, couldn't accept tuning instability of Stratocaster guitars floating bridge, and usually used small wooden wedge to block the tremolo bridge which is achieved by inserting it against the inertia block and placing significant tension on the springs, in order to secure the bridge from moving freely by pulling in the opposite direction. Some Stratocasters have so called "hard-tails" type of bridge which is actually fixed bridge instead of original tremolo assembly. Many of the best online casino games are just played against the house.

The Stratocaster have three single coil pickups, with the originaly 3-way switch to select desired output (actually which single pickup should be used). Guitarists accidentally discovered that using two pickups at the same time is possible by jamming the switch in between the positions such as 1st and 2nd, and used to lock the switch in position with a match or a toothpick. Fender responded quickly by installing 5-way pickup selector in it's Stratocaster guitars which allowed more output combinations and more versatility from already powerful guitar.

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